Principal Consultants

Ms. Karen Bruer has worked Naval maintenance and ship repair for 33 years and in the inspection/quality arena for 28 of those years. Retired from active duty in 2008 after 23 years, she transitioned to Amee Bay, LLC as the Corporate Quality Manager. During her Naval career, she held NDT Level III certifications in non-nuclear Visual Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and Radiographic Testing; and nuclear Level III certifications in Visual Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing and Radiographic Testing. Her experience includes extensive Nondestructive Test inspection proficiency and quality control program management, encompassing complex and diversified engineering project research, procedure development, training, and documentation review. Serves on the leadership committee for the Federal Working Group on Industrial Digital Radiography (FWGIDR); Executive Secretary/Treasurer for the Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing (DWGNDT), technical contributor to NAVSEA NDT/QA Working Group; a contributing author to Radiographic Classroom Text and newly published Radiographic Handbook of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), contributing author of SSPC Volume 1 Good Painting Practices, Fifth Edition; voting member of ASTM E.07 Committee, American Society of Quality (ASQ) member, and SAE-21 Counterfeit Materials Group member and American Society of Naval Engineers Member. Ms. Bruer is directly responsible for ISO registration/certification of the Quality Management System (QMS) for multiple organizations. She additionally holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational/Industrial Technology from Old Dominion University. 

Mr. George Hodges is a consultant for Hodges NDT, LLC providing radiography consulting services for companies in need of assistance with their radiographic programs. He has 30 years of experience as a Test Engineer for the US Army's Redstone Test Center in Huntsville, Alabama, until retiring in December 2017. During his tenure with the Army, Mr. Hodges earned the position of Government Responsible Level III in RT and designation as a US Army Subject Matter Expert in RT, CR, DR, CT, and Flash X-ray. Responsibilities included implementing and conducting test programs with a wide range of low and high energy x-ray equipment, Flash X-ray testing on military ordnance and other hardware, and managing the design, procurement, construction and installation of X-ray test labs and field systems. Mr. Hodges also served over 10 years on the Steering Committee of the Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing (DWGNDT) in positions of Chairperson, Host, and Army Representative. His involvement with the DWGNDT was instrumental in the formation of Federal Working Group on Industrial Digital Radiography (FWGIDR), where he and two Department of Energy engineers built a team of over 300 industry experts to address many of the short comings in the industry regarding Digital Radiography. His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Aerospace Technology from Memphis State University, and extensive training in the fields of Radiography, Flash X-ray, Ballistics, and Environmental testing. He is a certified ASNT Level III in RT and NAS410 Level 3 in film and non-film radiography. Mr. Hodges is an active member of ASNT serving as Regional Director for Region 6, Vice Chair of the North Alabama Section, and voting member on the ASNT Penetrating Radiation Committee.

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